We are at PRI!

I love coming to PRI! It’s so exciting and I love look at all the goodies that id love to have more my car. I’m currently drooling at the Forgeline booth. The carbon fiber rims are so nice! I took more pictures in the booth and I’ll put them up later.

PRI – This Friday!

Who’s ready for PRI?  Are you going?  Let me know, I’d love to take a little time and chat with you. I’ll be there this Friday from 9:00am till 5:00pm, or earlier and longer if anyone wants to meet up. I’ll be in my Motorwerks Mag shirt with a big honking camera around my neck!  Can’t […]

PRI Is Coming!

Yes, folk, it’s PRI season again!  Yours truly will be attending on Friday and staying the day, and cannon balling straight home after the show!  Should be an interesting day to say the least! If you are involved and will be at PRI, we should set up a time to at least meet and say HI! […]


With a nod to my friend Chris…. Pie! The word echoed through my mind for the 42nd time today. I needed pies and I didn’t care who knew. Down shifting I entered the turn a little too fast. I blip the throttle and swing the back end around to follow me through the corner. God […]


I really like the idea of having left and right side wheels, so that the directional wheels actually continue to point in the same direction!  That would look really nice on my MINI Cooper.  Maybe someday I’ll look into getting a nice set of Forgeline wheels.  My editor at Motorwerks has a couple sets and […]