Halloween Scary Story – II

With it being Halloween, my son asked for a scary story.  So I came up with this one, I hope you enjoy it…


Thomas pulled in to get gas at a gas station in the middle of no where, in a little no name town where there was more trees than people.  The gas station only had a couple pumps and he looked through the window of the gas station and saw a very old man.  The man looked like he was on the edge of death he was so old.  Thomas didn’t think much of it, waved, and pulled up to farthest pump.  Great, these pumps were “pay before you pump” and he had to go inside to do it.

He slowly got out of his car and started walking towards to gas station entrance.  The wind kicked up and it seemed to get colder as he entered the station.  The old man was staring at him as he walked up to the counter.

“Uh, $20 on that pump over there, please.”

“You shouldn’t be out tonight, strange things always happen on All Hallows Eve” the old man coughed out.

“Sure, yeah, I’m just passing through.  I just need some gas and I’ll be on my way, if you don’t mind.”  Thomas thought the old man was a little strange, but hey, some people just come off that way, don’t they?

The old man snatched the $20 bill out of his hand and mumbled something about kids these days coughed again, cleared his throat and spit in a cup on the counter.

“You be sure and get out while the getting’s good.  We don’t need another night like what happened 50 years ago.  Those kids they found, they were tore up something fierce.  The Sherriff, he said it was a wolf or bear attack.  But we don’t have those around here.  Everyone knows that.  But he just swept it under the carpet.  I’m telling you, it was something different, something that shouldn’t be.  You should leave town, now!”

Frustrated, Thomas barked at the old guy “Look, I just need gas!  I’ll leave after that!”

Looking grim, the old man cackled “See that you do.  Get on your way.  Go!”

He walked back out to his 2006 MINI Cooper S with Milltek Exhaust, @DDMWorks Intake, 17% pulley, @CravenSpeed gauges, yeah, is extremely proud of his MINI.

Something felt off, something felt odd.  As he got to his MINI he felt a presence like something was there, but at the same time, wasn’t.

“Ha ha, that old man was messing with me pretty good!  Trying to scare me… ha…”  Thomas tried to convince himself that he wasn’t scared, but at the same time, he made an effort to move pretty quickly.

He looked around, back and forth and didn’t see anything, but his neck hairs were standing up and he said to himself, “Self, let’s just finish putting gas in and get home!”.

He picked up the handle at the pump and put it into his tank. That’s when he heard a shuffling behind him!  He turned around quickly and saw…. Nothing.  There was nothing there. The old man wasn’t even in the window anymore. And the lights were flickering on the inside.

Thomas finished filling up his tank and went to get back in his car.  As he put the handle down and turned around the old man stood there between him and his MINI.

“Ahhh!”  Thomas yelled, “What’s you’re problem old man!  I got my gas, I’m leaving!”  Thomas growled at the old man and moved to get around him and back in his car.

“It’s too late for me,” the old man muttered, “but if you leave now, you just may survive, go, quickly before it comes back!”

Thomas closed his eyes and shook his head “You’re nuts man, I’m outta here any ways!”

As he opened his eyes, the old man was gone!  He looked all around him and didn’t see anyone.  That was a bit strange so he opened his door and started to get in his car.  That’s when he heard something running towards him.

He darted into his car, started it, popped the clutch and took off!  He got down the road, breathed for the first time since he left the station.  He looked in his rear view mirror and saw…. Nothing but road.

“Heh, that was interesting.” He laughed to himself as he drove.


After I finished my story, I asked my son “Scary enough for you?”  Him being 13 years old, he rolled his eyes and said “What the heck dad?  Nobody died and there were no zombies or vampires or anything!  What’s so scary about this story?”

I looked my son dead in the eyes and whispered “He put 87 octane in his MINI Cooper S!”

That’s when my son started screaming, which turned to a whimper.  He hasn’t slept in two days he’s so frightened.


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