Wow.  There, that’s it.  That’s PRI in a nut shell.  So many things to see, so little time to do it.  I didn’t have much time this year, but I wanted to make sure I saw it all.

I think I did.  I walked about 7 miles that day going down every row and seeing every booth.  The best part about that was that I made a few contacts that are going to lead to more articles in the future.  That’s what I really like.  Making new friends and talking about cars.

Everyone there is eager to talk about the latest and greatest parts that they brought to the show.  My friends at PowerBrake brought their usual great brake systems.  These are things I would love to have on my car someday.  Especially the blue set since my car is being highlighted with blue accents.

K&W Springs always bring a great set of everything they offer!  From off-road applications to racing applications.  I love to stop by their booth because there is a friend there I like to talk to.  I met him last year and he’s very knowledgeable about everything they sell.  I love to learn more each year!

I’ve been thinking about getting a new helmet so I had to check out a few.  I looked at several manufactures and was very impressed by everything I saw.  The hardest part will be picking one I like.  I’m thinking of a blue or black or possible white helmet.  Maybe one that has all those colors to really stand out.

BBS had some nice wheels on display.  I need new rims for my MINI Cooper, but I’m still looking at a few different manufactures and trying to decide who has the style I’m looking for.  I’m also looking at ForgeLine because they have some great wheels also!  It’s so hard to choose.  However, I do have a friend at the ForgeLine Booth.  So my heart is leaning that way and I did see a few in that booth that I really did like also.  They had a rim with a blue lip, and I think I could get white spokes on it.  That would catch some attention!

You can’t leave the ForgeLine booth without checking out the carbon fiber rims!  Talk about light weight!  I was able to pick up a rim with one hand with ease, instead of a bit of a struggle for me.  Darn my bad back!  After walk so much I was amazed that I lifted the usual rim at all.

You can’t talk about PRI without mentioning all the amazing cars.  I saw so many cars that it was hard to get in and take a picture of them all.  So many people were crowding around some of them there was no way to get a decent photo of the car or motorcycle or even some trucks!  Maybe next year I should see if I can get in early or stay late because I am part of the media and I need to take some shots for my articles.  We’ll see what happens next year.

I also got to stop by the Braille battery booth to talk to my friend James Clay.  He knows a lot about the batteries so it’s always an interesting talk about what’s the latest and greatest.  Braille has batteries for every application and I wonder if I can talk with him about getting a battery for my car.

You can’t forget the swag also!  Everyone likes to give away little things at their booths and I like to make it a mission to try and get a little something from every one.  Some people have catalogs, some people have tasty treats.  However, my favorite booths give away pens or small samples of their products.  How can you not like free pens?  I go through pens weekly!

So, to recap: amazing cars, amazing friends, and amazing products.  I look forward to going every year and next year will be no different.  If you’re going to PRI next year, let me know.  I’d love to meet with you and talk cars.


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