Second Christmas!

Presents keep rolling in at Bishop’s place.  We are going to be doing some new stuff on the MINI Cooper within the next week or so (some things haven’t been delivered yet).

It’s an exciting time here and we want to spread some cheer!!

So we’re going to hold a contest with some prizes to start the year off right!  I haven’t decided exactly what the contest will be, but if you want the chance to win some nifty prizes, let me know!  But, to make sure you’re the first to know make sure you are following me on the page preferably.  I will be picking from people who respond to – not on Facebook or Twitter.  It has to be on this site.  It may be that I’ll give out a prize to a randomly selected person (or 2 or 3!) who comment on this site.  Or it may be a question that I need that answer to, to get in the pot fot possibly winning.


2 thoughts on “Second Christmas!

    • Yeah, it’s going to be fun! I’m moving in a different direction with this MINI. I’m just waiting for a few more parts to come in, test fitting a few others, and grinning like a Cheshire cat!!


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