The last of the parts I’ve been waiting for come in for stage 1 of the MINI changes.  I’ve also got part of the parts needed for stage 2 coming in.  I’m still looking for a few parts for stages 2 that seem impossible to find.  I may have to change what stage 2 is because I just can’t source the parts anywhere.

If worst comes to worst though, I could probably try my hand at making the parts.  I just would prefer to find them in metal.  But then again, if I find them in metal they’ll rattle like hell in the back of the MINI.  I hadn’t thought about that until this point.  This changes things around a bit and I may have to look into building the parts I want now.

It’s rough trying to do things without telling anyone!  I want to show each step in the process, but it makes more sense to show it off in stages.  Even though the stages are from “stage zero” to “stage infinity (don’t know how many stages there will be in total”)

But it is coming along nicely and looking the way I want.  Some branding is being talked about with a few places and we’re still in talks with a few places on sponsorship.  I’m hoping to have answers by the end of the week.

Stay tuned everyone!  I should have photos for you by the end of this week!  Hopefully, the weather cooperates so that I can give Eve a wash before photographing her.


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