Driving New Cars

As part of my job, probably the best part, is that I get to test drive brand new cars, and sometimes next years cars.  It’s great to see and test drive the cars in a controlled environment.  Sometimes on the road and even more importantly, sometimes out on the track!

I’ve driven everything from $30,000 MINI Coopers to $100,000 Nissan GTRs.  I liked them both the same for different reasons.  I drove the MINI on the road and got to experience the GPS and all the modern conveniences.  The GTR on the other hand, I got to drive on the track, it’s natural environment.  While I loved driving it on the track my favorite car from that day was an AMG Mercedes Benz.  That was a BEAST!  It had an amazing roar and really hugged the track.

My only issues with all the cars I’ve driven is how fast technology is moving in these cars.  Some of these cars were so advanced I didn’t know where to start the car!  I prefer automatic transmissions where ever possible because that’s what many people will buy.  I like to drive the “everyman” car so to speak.

However, getting these cars out of park is sometimes a difficult problem.  They each have a different way of doing that and it gets confusing.  Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to be able to drive my car WITHOUT having to read the owners manual, or having a tutor help me.  I do read the owners manual of course, but I want my car to be more intuitive.  I shouldn’t have to be a rocket surgeon to start my car and put it into gear.

I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears but I wanted to put it out there.  Please let’s make the cars more intuitive to the average driver.  When I go to buy my next car, if I can’t figure out how to get moving within say 20 seconds or so, I’m not going to buy it!


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