New Writer!

As you’ve all seen, we have a new writer working with us.

Swain Kelly is from Austraila and works in many fields.  He brings an interesting perspective as some of the cars they make there aren’t what they make here.  I’ve known him for a while now when I started working with wood projects.  Which, of course, he is great at also.

I’m trying to get him to give me a couple articles a month, or at least once a month.  As you can see by his last article, he is very highly technologically minded and does great research.

You can find his work by searching on the category “Swain Kelly” or by clicking here: Swain Kelly

I’m hoping you guys enjoy his articles as much as I’ve enjoyed talking to him in the past.

Also, if you think you have an idea for a great article, please pitch it to me.  I’d love to include an article from you on here.  Send any article ideas to


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