Eve 2.0

Well, I was able to get out to get a few photos. I wished the weather had cooperated. But it is what it is. This update includes: Roof Rack Roof Basket (Curt with extended sides) 2 Smittybilt Axe/Shovel mounts Fiskars X15 Chopping axe Bond Mini Shovel Quick clamps Large snow brush There will be many […]

At the car wash!

I really want to wash my car tomorrow.  At one of those spray booths that they have in every city.  I don’t use the scrub brush except maybe on the tires, but the spray does a good job at getting a lot of the salt off.  That’s the main goal really, get the salt off […]


The last of the parts I’ve been waiting for come in for stage 1 of the MINI changes.  I’ve also got part of the parts needed for stage 2 coming in.  I’m still looking for a few parts for stages 2 that seem impossible to find.  I may have to change what stage 2 is […]


A bit of a clue in the photo above. Maybe a bit of a tease with what’s being done? Next week at some point the next change in the MINI will be completed!!! Once that’s done, we’re going to have to start saving up for the next change. That will be exciting as well. Or […]

Changes have started!

Yes! We’ve got some parts in and installed but we need a few more parts to complete the transformation. Once we get all the parts on and situated we’ll give Eve a wash and take some photos. Maybe we won’t give her a wash, that’s kinda the look we’re going for. You’ll see. I’m also […]